Top 11 Unique Cheap and Good Wedding Favours!

Dear Friends,

Have you been searching for that wedding favour that’s perfect for your once in a lifetime event?

Look no more!

You’re spending a lot on your wedding, so try to save on your favours by checking out these unique ideas that barely cost a thing!

Number 1: 4D / TOTO Tickets or Lottery tickets!

Cost: Maximum $1 each guest. Even lower when if you decide to create your own in-house wedding lottery!

The Idea: Buy an interesting item that people will generally like to win, a nice pen; a tablet; even a small cash voucher. Raffle it for some entertainment during your wedding ūüôā


Buy a ticket for each guest and use a nice envelope to make it even better! minkell wedding bubbles wedding favor


Number 2: Wedding Bubbles!

Cost:  $1 each guest or less if in bulk!

The Idea: Killing 3 birds with one stone(or bubble). Get your guests something pretty they can keep and remember you by in the long term, yet keep them and their children entertained and still create stunning photos anytime during your wedding. Bubbles makes everyone happy.

Bubbles makes everyone happy and gives guests a chance to participate in your wedding.

minkell wedding bubbles wedding favour

Number 3: Honey!

Cost:  Approximately $2 each guest

The Idea: Buy batches of honey and miniature containers. Repack the honey into the miniature containers and poof! Cheap honey for that sweet touch for your guests.

Number 4: Wedding Sparklers!

Cost:  Maximum $1 each guest

The Idea: Buy packets of sparklers and leave one each for guests to light up for your wedding. Leaves amazing photos! Be sure to get permission from your hotel or restaurant if you are having it indoors.

Number 5: Personal Handwritten Notes!

Cost:  Maximum $0.50 each guest

The Idea: Buy lots of nice paper in bulk and print notes for each of your guests! Leaves a great personal touch and everyone will like it. This is such a heartwarming and thoughtful gift!Personal handwritten notes


Number 6: Vending-Machine Capsule Favors

Cost:  Maximum $1.5 each guest

The Idea: Buy vending machine capsules and lots of candies of your choice. Pack each candy into the capsules and ta da! You got a nice wedding favour your guests will definitely appreciate.

Number 7: Wedding Soaps!

Cost:  Maximum $2 each guest

The Idea: Buy bars of soap in bulk and wrap it up in your favourite paper or with your wedding monogram imprinted. A practical and fresh gift!

Number 8: Wedding Candles!

Cost:  Maximum $2 each guest

The Idea:¬†Buy¬†sets of candles and decorate it for your wedding, a cheap and good alternative that is set to warm hearts ūüôā

Number 9: Wedding Gift Bags!

Cost:  Maximum $3 each guest

The Idea: Buy and design your own wedding carrier bags! Not only it will be practical for your guest, cheap for you, and bags can be reused for that added environmental friendliness!

Number 10: Wedding Playing Cards

Cost:  Maximum $2 each guest

The Idea: Buy and design your own wedding playing cards! It will be fun for all ages during the event and cards typically are kept in a corner of a home for years, helping your guests remember you as years go by! Cost will be cheaper if you buy in bulk normal playing cards.

Number 11: Wedding Key Tags!

Cost:  Maximum $2 each guest

The Idea: Mainly decorative, it looks pretty in the eyes and doubles as a luggage tag which you may possibly end up seeing it one day on a bag half way around the world!

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