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NEW: Bubble Duo Wedding Edition


Note: each edition is only sold in PAIRS 🙂

Each plastic tube contains:
– 0.17oz of bubbles
– approx tube length 10.5cm
– wand with a two hearts topper
– quality velvety ribbons lovingly matched in a duo for all occasions!

*contents inside each wand may vary slightly. Contents may shake during handling/shipping/manufacturing.
* ribbon colours may have some slight variations.

Creates a lovely romantic ambience! Use it when he kisses the bride (get your helpers to blow bubbles), or during your first march in (get your guests to blow!), or even during your ROM! The possibilities are endless :))

Purchase: $2.50 per pair (as seen in pic)

Product Description

Dear lovelies,

We are extremely excited to share with you our new edition of bubble wands! Just like a duet, our bubble duo are used to uplive any social event and don ya agree that its more fun when blown together in pairs and groups?!


Introducing our very own edition of bubble wands – they come in pairs and live up to the occasion! Think Christmas, Weddings, Parties, Birthdays and the list goes on!

We, at Minkell, takes in YOUR feedback seriously and we are striving to make our bubbles suitable for all occasions!

“When one sings, the other claps”. This is exactly how we envision our bubble duo – may bubbles bring much heartiness and happiness to you and your loved ones! ^ ^


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