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MINKELL Bubbles (Premium Version)


One box contains 3 dozens (36) tubes of bubble water.

Each bubble wand contains:
– 0.13oz of bubbles
– approx tube length 10.5cm
– wand with a two hearts topper
– superior quality grade bubble wands

Creates a lovely romantic ambiance! Use it when he kisses the bride (get your helpers to blow bubbles), or during your first march in (get your guests to blow!), or even during your ROM! The possibilities are endless :))


Product Description

We are extremely eager to share with you our very own MINKELL bubbles. They are suitable for all occasions, including weddings!!

Available in three romantically lovely colours: Snow White, Darling Pink, Cool Blue

This item is 100% guaranteed satisfaction from us at MINKELL!

Who should get this? 🙂
This is absolutely ideal if you and your friends are particular in terms of:
– superior quality crystal-clear looking bubble wands AKA “oohh, these wands are so niceeee and preettayyy!!”
– superior grade quality controlled bubble content AKA “omgg no, are these wands all twins??? They are reallyyyy identical!!!”
– every (yes, read again, and we stress EVERY) single wand contains equal amount of bubble liquid.
– Zero spillage of bubble liquid content. No soapy feel when you touch/use the wands! AKA “yay! No annoying soapy stains on my hands!”

Additional Information


Snow White, Darling Pink, Cool Blue


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